BDI Training Courses

The Behavioural Dynamics Institute offers training courses in the BDi Methodology and in behavioural research methods to a wide range of organisations, militaries and governments worldwide.

The result of the academic work, the field trials, and successful implementations of the methodology has verified the BDi approach as powerful and robust, and has demonstrated its applicability in the military, social, governmental and political spheres. Our training courses ensure four critical outcomes:

  • The ability to identify the optimal audiences with which to communicate.
  • A measurement of the degree of ‘difficulty’ in communicating with any audience.
  • The determination of the optimal approach for communication with different audiences.
  • The communications or triggers that will effectively and measurably change an audience’s behaviour.

Every training course has several distinct benefits:


  • It transfers up to date knowledge in a professional and thorough manner by experts in their respective fields
  • It clearly demonstrates the inadequacies of many marketing and advertising approaches to research and communication, and is highly successful in reshaping entrenched ways of thinking.


  • It develops key critical, scientific, and rational thinking skills that are essential for developing high-level effective research and communication projects
  • It prepares trainees with the tools and abilities to implement the learned materials

Practical Application

  • It uses strong, relevant practical workshops to demonstrate utility
  • It leads trainees from basic knowledge about the individual elements to the practical implementation of taught materials


  • It provides the opportunity for assessment on key aspects of the course, which in turn allows a gauge of the degree of knowledge, understanding, and focussed participation of the trainees

Lectures combine with illustrative case studies and participatory workshops of increasing complexity, all of which are necessary components to enable students to internalise the taught material. Abridged courses, as well as advanced courses have been developed to fulfil the needs of various students, from field researchers to government agencies, and the course content can be delivered in a variety of ways. Typically, a tailor-made course plan will be developed after a needs analysis for the client.