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Prevention of violent extremism: “What are the people saying?”, Alexis Everington

In this 2011 paper, Alexis Everington – formerly of the BDI’s commercial partner, SCL – gets into the meat of audience research. The project, which was funded by the US Department of Defense, collects diverse perspectives on counterterrorism into a single book. Everington draws on detailed audience data from Afghanistan, Mexico, Pakistan, Yemen and others, and highlights […]

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Strategic Communication & Influence Operations: Do We Really Get It?, Rowland & Tatham

This paper, by Dr Lee Rowland and Cdr Steve Tatham is titled ‘Strategic Communication & Influence Operations: Do We Really Get It?’ It examines some of the challenges to incorporating Influence into British military doctrine, and outlines the principles which should be followed in the areas of Target Audience Analysis, strategy design, deployment and evaluation, […]

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Routledge Handbook of Public Diplomacy, Nancy Snow & Philip M Taylor

The Routledge Handbook of Public Diplomacy is edited by Nancy Snow and Philip M. Taylor. It contains 29 articles examining public diplomacy from every perspective. It looks at public diplomacy’s role in business, the arts, the military, and exchange programmes, and includes profiles of US, UK, German, Japanese, Chinese, Central & Eastern European and Australian public […]

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