Membership of the Behavioural Dynamics Institute offers great opportunities for learning, networking, research grants and consulting opportunities. The BDI Expert Hub offers members the chance to get in touch with leading experts in behaviour change, strategic communication and related fields. Members come from a wide range of academic, commercial and public sector backgrounds, and together we have a wealth of practical and theoretical knowledge and experience which can be of great use to you and your work.
Specifically, a BDI membership offers:

  • The opportunity to publish links to your website and work on our members site, accessed by potential clients and other members.
  • Consultancy opportunities with BDI and Strategic Communication Laboratories.
  • The opportunity to apply for Grants for conducting research and development applicable to behaviour change and strategic communication (up to £10 000).
  • The opportunity to publish blog posts and working papers on a single widely publicized open access site.
  • A curated network through which you can get in touch with leading practitioners of behaviour change and strategic communication from across the globe.
  • Invitations to BDI events in London and elsewhere.

Membership to BDI is free and by invitation only.