About Us

The Behavioural Dynamics Institute (BDI) is a team of academics and industry specialists who apply research, experience and scientific insight to understanding group behaviour.

We are a private, not-for-profit, non-partisan institute that fosters multidisciplinary collaboration between psychologists, anthropologists, behavioural biologists, mathematicians, communication scientists, and behavioural economists – amongst others – to investigate complex human group or societal issues where behaviour change is key. Such challenges abound in the modern world; whether it is Western health trends, crime and corruption in Latin America, radicalisation in the Middle East, disease spread in Africa, or consumer choice everywhere, understanding group behaviour is essential.

In fact, where a problem of group behaviour can be identified, the BDI works to determine its primary causes, and precisely what (if any) kind of intervention would be most effective in bringing about sustainable and desirable behaviour change outcomes. In doing so, we have three watchwords: precise research, focused on groups, to produce actionable recommendations.

Day-to-day, we are busy collating existing research, commenting on it, and contributing to the debate. Our scientists and expert practitioners work to develop the latest and best scientific approaches to understanding group dynamics and are rightly considered to be part of a centre of excellence that applies academic knowledge to providing real-world solutions.

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